Morris Technology Partners understands that a well-maintained infrastructure is a key to providing the consistent and reliable performance to your End-users. With a vast and ever-changing catalog of hardware available to you, MTP understands what it means to research, select and partner with “best in class” providers on the market today. MTP will walk you through the planning and purchasing phase of any hardware transaction based on your actual need and not what is “the hot buzzword of the day”, with our Pre-sales engineering staff.

MTP can help navigate the field of technology by presenting options for your organization based on industry experiences, best practices, and proven performance. We focus on Infrastructure-as-a-service, providing a host of choices for your infrastructure needs including storage, cloud services, hybrid cloud, converged, hyper-converged and point to point disaster recovery planning and solutions.

We can provide automated administration tasks when it comes to dynamic scaling, desktop virtualization, policy-based services, and highly scalable services that can be adjusted based on demand, of you... our customers, the most important piece of the puzzle!